Use your deductive skills to decipher a secret color code set by ‘The CodeMaster’.
The CodeMaster has hidden a set of colors in a sequence. Your goal is to decipher the CodeMaster's hidden set.
You have 10 chances only to do this. At the end of each round The CodeMaster will give you clues as to which of your colors are either the correct color or position according to the following Key:

  • red-dot-pegRed peg - A color in the set is both the correct color and position.
  • white-dot-pegWhite peg - A color in the set is the right color only.

The placement of the Key Pegs does not indicate which Code Pegs are correct.

Can you break the code and achive MasterMind status?

Good Luck!


'MasterMind Gems' is a recreation of the classic board game, MasterMind.

We created this game keeping in mind the nostalgia most of us have for traditional board games. It may not be as fun as beating a friend at the physical game, however, we do hope The CodeMaster gets you as close to the real game.

This is a hobby mini-project and we welcome all feedback, even if you just want to tell us how disappointing we are!!

Do let us know what you think of the game or just say Hi on any of the links below!